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LED modules for illuminated signage and backlighting
LED modules are becoming ever more popular for the
backlighting of buildings, for example for illuminated
signage. The advantages are obvious. Compared to
traditional lighting solutions using neon or T5 lamps,
LED modules have longer lifespans and thus less service
intervals. Significant energy costs can be saved thanks to
higher efficiency levels. With LEDs as point light sources
combined with optics designed specifically for the
application, highly homogeneous backlighting is achieved
that was previously not possible. Colored LED modules
can also be integrated into the application to positively
intensify perception of the backlight object or building.
With an efficient complete system, OSRAM is setting
standards in modern illuminated advertising. The range of
services includes:
BackLED and BoxLED
modules with robust designs
including high IP protection
TW and RGBW modules for decorative
Homogeneous illumination and backlighting using
OSRAM Flat Ray technology
Practical accessories for simple and rapid installation
Optimally matched OPTOTRONIC
Protect or OT Easy
control gear
The LED deSIGNer allows you to calculate the required
number of components with this online planning tool.
The new software leads you step-by-step to an optimal
system of LED modules, ECGs and accessories. You can
then use the evaluations for your customer propositions.
Calculate with us:
LED Modules for light advertising and backlighting – Summary of portfolio