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Implementation of EU standards
Regulation for energy labeling: EU 874/2012
The energy labeling of electrical lamps and luminaires is
also subject to new regulations. Amongst other things,
the energy efficiency index (EEI) has been expanded:
The classes A+ and A++ for even more efficient lamps
have been added, whilst classes F and G have been
removed. OSRAM fulfills the statutory information
requirements on the lamp and luminaire packaging.
Requirements of the regulations
Continuous improvement in the energy efficiency and
quality of the products
Mandatory labeling on the packaging
This is what OSRAM offers
Continuous revision and expansion of the product
100% ErP-compliant product portfolio, both now and
in the future
For detailed information on current laws and
regulations: www.osram.com/erp
1 As the average operating time of a lamp is approx. 1000 hrs per year, this data allows simple calculation of annual energy costs
(printed kWh value × electricity cost/kWh = annual energy costs of the corresponding lamp).
Energy efficiency class
Weighted energy
consumption in kWh
per 1000hrs