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LINEARlight family 24 V
Portfolio consists of products for decorative light to
general illumination
Seamless light without shadowing
Fine white binning (3SDCM)
Dimmable (PWM)
Lifespan: up to 50,000 h
Various optics available
24 V LINEARlight module
LED module with integrated SMD
plug connectors
Luminous flux: up to 2,250 lm/m
Efficiency: up to 93 lm/W
Can be expanded with optional
accessories to create individual
complete modules
24 V LINEARlight complete
LED module with integrated SMD
plug connectors and suitable
optics and heat sink
Luminous flux: up to 2,050 lm/m
Self-cooling via attractive
aluminum profile
Linear 24 V LED Modules – Summary of portfolio
Linear 24 V LED modules
Within the 24 V LINEARlight family, rigid LED modules are
ideal for a wide range of applications for homogeneous
white and RGB lighting.
When it comes to reducing power and maintenance
costs, LINEARlight modules with their compact
dimensions, long lifespans and easy installation are the
first choice for replacing standard light sources such
as T5 or halogen lamps. The modules can be simply
connected together without tools to become seamless
lighting strips without shadows. OSRAM provides efficient
plug & play solutions with the complete modules. The
design-oriented completes modules feature LED and
integrated optics.
Both sides of the PCB have an integrated SMD plug
connector for simple connections. The heat from the
LEDs is dissipated via the aluminum casing.
The product range consists of various versions for white
or colored RGB lighting. The modules are therefore ideal
for both general and decorative lighting. OSRAM provides
a comprehensive product range for complete lighting
installations, including accessories and suitable 24 V
control gear.