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Flexible LED modules – adaptable designs and brilli-
ant with light scenarios
LINEARlight Flex
modules are ideal for the accentuation
of building areas or for highlighting products. The pliable
and splittable LED continuous lighting strips can for
example provide accent lighting for bar counters or
restaurants, can illuminate handrails in stairways or
display goods especially well in retail shelving.
Further ideal applications are cove lighting and the
accentuation of facades.
The LED modules are extremely flat and can therefore be
simply installed in tight spaces.
If they are combined to seamless lighting strips then longer
lengths can be continuously illuminated without shadows.
Product benefits LINEARlight Flex
LED modules
Flexible and splittable LED strip
Seamless light without shadowing
Dimmable (PWM)
Self-adhesive rear for simple mounting on many surfaces
LINEARlight Flex
specific benefits
Luminous flux up to 1850 lm/m
Luminous efficacy up to 88 lm/W
Fine white binning (3SDCM)
Lifespan up to 50,000 h
5-year guarantee*
LINEARlight Flex
specific benefits
Simple connection with pre-
assembled cable
Modules available with IP66 type
of protection
Fine white binning (4SDCM)
3-year guarantee*
LINEARlight Flex
specific benefits
Attractive design
Sealed electronics
IP67 type of protection
High-performance silicon for ex-
tremely long life and pliability
Highly UV-resistant
Salt mist-resistant
Simple connection with pre-
assembled plug
Luminous flux up to 1400 lm/m
Luminous efficacy up to 81 lm/W
Flexible LED modules – Summary of portfolio
* For conditions and details go to www.osram.com/system-guarantee