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Installation and operating instructions
5. Power factor/compensation
The power factor λ for an electrical load is the ratio of
the effective power (P
= voltage x effective current) to the
apparent power (P
= voltage x current). This value is
affected both by the phase displacement cos φ between
the current and the voltage and by the current distortion ε.
λ =
= ε · cos φ
In contrast to CCGs (inductive, 50 Hz), there is hardly
any phase displacement (cos φ=0.95) with ECGs (high
frequency) so compensation is not required.
However distortion in the sine-wave current supply
occurs during the operation of electronic control gear.
Generally speaking, these distortions are classified by
integer multiples of the line frequency (harmonics).
The harmonic content of the line current is strictly
controlled by national and international standards
(IEC 61000-3-2).
OSRAM ECGs have integrated active electronic harmonic
filters for this purpose, which ensure a value for ε of more
than 0.95 and therefore a power factor λ greater than 0.9
(exceptions are indicated).