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Light Engines and Modules
OSRAM provides light engines and LED modules for the
complete range of applications. Linear for offices and
shelf lighting, round for spot and downlight applications
as well as planar for a wide variety of general lighting ap-
plications. OSRAM also provides a comprehensive portfo-
lio of flexible linear modules for decorative lighting soluti-
ons in coves and organic structures, as well as modules
for street lighting and industrial hall lighting. The spectrum
is concluded with an intelligent range of specialized mo-
dules for illuminated signage and backlighting with suitab-
le accessories.
A complete future proof LED light engines concept
light engines from OSRAM are powerful,
highly efficient and offer great flexibility when designing
LED luminaires. The reliable construction of OSRAM´s
LED-light-engines, which complies with proven industry
standards (i.e. Zhaga), enables fixture designers to
successfully and simply implement OSRAM LED-engines
over many years and still remain competitive in the fast
paced LED market. In the spirit of providing future-
proof solutions to customers the critical mechanical
and photometric interfaces of our LED-engines remain
constant across product generations. These are among
the crucial differences to other LED modules.
This consistent light engine approach does not only ensure
future proof luminaire designs but also makes it easy to
scale according to different lumen packages. It will make
it possible to always easily implement the latest LED
technology available from OSRAM.
light engines are available in two versions:
Either with integrated drivers, to be operated directly on
the main voltage, which allows for a most compact and
simplified luminaire design. OSRAM LED Light modules
can also be combined with a wide variety of dedicated
control gear and light management
systems. These systems then present an optimum
performance and flexibility.
The PrevaLED
family offers a solution for a multitude of
professional applications. Whether they are used indoor
or outdoor, in round or rectangular luminaires, for general
illumination or accent lighting, there is always a suitable
light engine.
OSRAM is a member of the cross-industry consortium
Zhaga, which is concerned with the unification of all LED
solutions offered in the market. Framework conditions for
development are defined that enable the compatibility of
solutions from various manufacturers. Geometric, optical
and thermal characteristics are defined for LED modules
and light engines enabling the use of uniform reflectors or
heat sinks. Geometry designs are to be unified for control
gear, and definitions specified for the electrical interface
between modules and drivers that simplify operating the
modules with the drivers of other manufacturers.