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Excellent experience with 900 million installed ECGs
Only those supplying maximum quality gain your trust.
The performance of OSRAM ECGs is high, with up to
50,000 hours for a maximum failure rate of 10%. Thanks
to this excellent reliability, OSRAM ECGs are the choice
not only of leading luminaire manufacturers but also of re-
nowned major users across the world. OSRAM has also
followed these guidelines with the development of the
product ranges – at T c max -10 °C the
LED drivers even achieve a lifespan of up
to 100,000 hours (10% failure rate).
LED drivers are also reliably
used in extreme temperature ranges due to their high
flexibility and reliability.
With one million ECGs sold per year, OSRAM has less
than one-tenth of a percent complaints.
Over 12 million registered OSRAM ECGs in the industrial,
retail and public sectors speak for themselves.
Fully guaranteed up to 5 years
Hundreds of thousands of customers place their trust in
us, year after year. We in turn give these guarantees
over many years. OSRAM ECGs feature maximum qual-
ity, enabling us to provide a complete 3-year or 5-year
guarantee according to control gear family, LED module
or light engine.
OSRAM guarantees give you the level of safety you ex-
pect over a long period of time. And you can rely on that.
Petuel tunnel in Munich, Germany
Hotel Kempinski Corvinus, Budapest
Your benefits
Upon failure, OSRAM provides replacement within the
guarantee period for
All failed lamps
All failed LED modules
All failed light engines
All failed control gear
* for conditions and details see www.osram.com/system-guarantee